Analyzing the clinical profile of swine flu/influenza A H1N1 infection in central India: a retrospective study

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Authors: Sameer Arbat, Mitesh Dave, Vinit Niranjane, Irfan Rahman, Ashok Arbat
Publication date : 2017/3
Journal : Virusdisease
Volume: 28
Issue : 1
Pages : 33-38
Publisher: Springer India
Description :
Recently, India reported an increase in swine flu (influenza A H1N1) activity. There are limited studies on epidemiology of swine flu in Indian context. This study aims to analyze clinical and epidemiological profile of suspected swine flu cases in central India. 171 cases were included in a hospital based, observational, descriptive study conducted from December 2014 to April 2015. Demographics, clinical presentation and outcome of positive and negative cases were compared. Data was analyzed using STATA software. Distribution by age, sex and residence was found similar (
p > 0.05) in positive and negative cases. Cough (89%), fever (85%) and throat irritation (51%) were chief complaints (avg. duration = 4.9 days). History of travel, history of contact with swine flu cases (p = 0.002) and history of visiting crowded places (p = 0.098) was reported considerably in higher proportion in positive cases as compared to