Bronchoscopy safety box and its utility as a barrier to COVID-19

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Authors: Sameer Arbat, Ashok Arbat, Parimal Deshpande, Swapnil Bakamwar, Gauri Gadge
Publication date : 2021/9/5
Source: European Respiratory Journal
Volume : 58
Issue: suppl 65
Pages: 1-6
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Description :
Introduction: Risk of cross infection due to SARS_CoV-2 is high during aerosol inducing procedures like bronchoscopy and intubation. There is need of protecting healthcare workers (HCWs) from SARS-CoV-2 while treating patients.
Aim: Barrier development to prevent COVID-19 transmission while doing bronchoscopy and endotracheal intubation.
Method and material: Two prototypes of Bronchoscopy safety box (BSB) viz., prototype 1 and prototype 2 (Figure 1), was developed (made up of acrylic and PVC sheets).
Bronchoscopy and intubation was done with BSBs in 20 patients.
We were able to manoeuvre the bronchoscope and navigate up to the right lower lobe bronchus and left lower bronchus without any difficulty. The intubation procedure was performed comfortably with the BSB. 10 bronchoscopy procedures were performed with the Prototype 1 while 6 bronchoscopy procedures and 4 intubation