Clinical profile of Covid 19 positive patients admitted to a tertiary care hospital

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Authors: Sameer Arbat, Ashok Arbat, Parimal Deshpande, Swapnil Bakamwar, Gauri Ghadge
Publication Date : 2021/9/5
Source: European Respiratory Journal
Volume : 58
Issue: suppl 65
Pages: 1-6
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Description :
Introduction: Novel corona virus (SARS-COV-2) is highly infectious and has become a global health emergency with high mortality rate. Illness ranges in severity from asymptomatic or mild to severe; a significant proportion of patients with clinically evident infection develop severe disease.
Aim: To study the clinical profile of the first 100 COVID positive patients admitted to our Centre for treatment.
Method: We present analysis of clinical data collected from the first 100 COVID positive patients admitted to our Centre for treatment. An analysis of the demographic factors, clinical characteristics, comorbidities and the outcome was performed.
Result: Total 100 positive patients were included for quantitative analysis. Majority of patients were above 50 years age. The most common symptoms were cough (61%), breathlessness (55%) and fever (40%). Average hospital stay was 8.95 days ranging from minimum 2 to maximum …