Non-smoker COPD: pilot study from central India

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Authors: Sameer Arbat, Ashok Arbat, Swapnil Bakamwar, Parimal Deshpande, Sneha Tirpude, Bharat Agrawal
Publication Date :2019/9/28
Respiratory Journal
Pages : A2357-A2357
Volume: 54
Issuesuppl 63
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Description: Introduction: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) is an increasing cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and has been strongly related to tobacco smoking.
Aims and Objective: Most studies on COPD have concentrated on smokers. Our data demonstrated that the risk of COPD in non smokers is higher than previously believed.
Methods: This is a retrospective observational study.180 non-smoker COPD patients were selected from the year 2016-2018. History with questionnaires was taken and subsequent spirometry results were evaluated. They were categorized into Mild, Moderate, Severe and Very Severe COPD according to GOLD Guidelines followed by questionnaires.
Results: Out of 180 non-smoker COPD patients, 54% were females. The percentage of mild, moderate, severe and very severe patients according to GOLD Guidelines was 26%, 53%, 58% and 43% respectively. The distribution of …