Purview of allergens through skin test in Central India

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Authors: Ashok Arbat, Sneha Tirpude, Mitesh K Dave, Sukhant Bagdia, Sameer Arbat
Publication date : 2016/7/1
Journal : Environmental Disease
Volume: 1
Issue : 3
Pages : 99
Publisher: Medknow Publications
Description :
Introduction: Clinical history and examination are very important for determining allergy. The most common forms being bronchial asthma (BA) and allergic rhinitis (AR). A lot of patients respond to the primary line of treatment. Patients come forward with the objective of uprooting the cause of these allergies. Skin prick test (SPT) helps in finding the most likely cause after which we can offer them the desensitization and protective advice.

To evaluate the performance of various aeroallergens by assessment with SPT in Central India population.
Materials and Methods: One hundred and forty-three patients with BA and AR were subjected to SPT. SPT was performed with antigen extracts from India.
Results: Of the 143 patients, 86 (60%) patients had both BA and AR. These 143 patients showed 454 positive SPT results. Of the 454, 223 (49%) were positive for mites alone. Among the three mites tested for …