Unusual case of nail in lung

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Authors: Ashok P Arbat, Sameer A Arbat, Meenakshi S Ghadge, Jayshree J Upadhye
Publication Date : 2017/11
Journal: International Journal of Advances in Medicine
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Pages : 1709
Description :
Tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration is a health problem that can be seen in all age groups, and it requires urgent diagnosis and intervention. We report an unusual case of nail in lung. 45 years old male was referred to us with history of aspiration of nail 2 Days back and cough. X-ray Chest PA view showed radio-opaque foreign body in right lung-lower zone. Patient had undergone bronchoscopy 2 days ago with report stating,“Normal study; No foreign body Seen” Counselling of the patient and relatives was done. Informed consent was taken. Under general anaesthesia with intubation, fluoroscopy guided video bronchoscopy was performed with external diameter 5.6 mm and working channel 2mm. Foreign body was localized and removed It’s an innovative technique with multi-disciplinary approach. Counselling of the patient and relatives is important.